Can You Get Excessive Vitamin C?

Healing vitamin C therapy can seem harmful at first blush. It's true that the therapy dosages are substantially higher than the advised everyday allowances (RDA). A healthy guy should take in about 90 mg of ascorbic acid; and a healthy woman must take in about 75 mg each day. This number increases for smokers and pregnant/nursing women.

For restorative purposes, it's thought that you must take as much as 1,000 mg every six hours. What's reality and exactly what's fiction? This article will examine misconceptions and truths surrounding vitamin C dosing.

Dr. Thomas Levy, a doctor who has researched making use of Vitamin C for medicinal purpose, writes in his book Treating the Incurable: Vitamin C, Contagious Diseases and Contaminants, that ascorbic acid is "one of the safest and least poisonous therapies that can be administered to a patient regularly."

Another physician keeps in mind that over 20,000 clients treated with the super vitamin experienced a "impressive absence of systemic difficulties" aside from a few mild negative effects when they received intravenous dosages ranging from 4,000 to over 200,000 mg in a day including acid stomach or a moderate rash.

The science is pointing to safety in vitamin C treatment, but we have actually just scratched the surface area of the myths. Let's look at a couple of common ones and their counterclaims to see the real reason behind ascorbic acid treatment.

Myth: You can establish kidney stones from ingesting excessive vitamin C.

Truth: One study revealed that men really reduced their opportunities of kidney stones for every 1 milligram of vitamin C in their blood stream. Another study that followed 85,000 ladies for 14 years showed no boost in kidney stones when women were treated with vitamin C.

Myth: You can establish cancer from too much vitamin C.

Reality: Again, it appears that vitamin C helps instead of hinders health. It's been recommended in numerous studies that vitamin C assists cancer patients restore their strength and wellness quicker. More recent research argues that increasing the dose of ascorbic acid actually helps enhance longevity.

Misconception: You can turn down a donated organ if you take vitamin C after a transplant.

Fact: In actuality, vitamin C helps transplant recipients avoid a major issue that leads to organ rejection. One study recommends a daily dose of simply 500 mg of vitamin C paired with 400 mg of vitamin E decreases a very common negative effects known as coronary arteriosclerosis.

We hope this opened your eyes to some of the rhetoric surrounding making use of vitamin C. It is necessary to review the claims of any medical study with a doubtful eye.

At age 39, Tim Coursey's bro John was diagnosed with occlusive heart disease and needed to endure multiple surgical treatments consisting of a double coronary bypass. Tim discovered Nobel Reward winner Dr. Linus Pauling's vitamin C therapy for reversing cardiovascular disease and persuaded his bro to follow it. The brothers now seek to inform others about the advantages of Liposomal Vitamin C and how they can reverse their heart problem.

Therapeutic vitamin C therapy can appear unsafe at very first blush. Myth: You can develop kidney stones from ingesting too much vitamin C.

Fact: Truth study showed research study revealed actually reduced their decreased of opportunities stones for every 1 milligram of vitamin C in their bloodstream. Another research study that followed 85,000 women for 14 years showed no increase in kidney stones when Vitamin C Therapy 4U ladies were treated with vitamin C.

Myth: Misconception can develop cancer establish too much vitamin C.

Fact: Again, truth seems once again vitamin C appears rather than hinders assists. Tim found Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling's vitamin C therapy for reversing cardiovascular disease and convinced his sibling to follow it.

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